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Specialist Treatments

Modern and qualified therapies

At the dental and dental office of Dr. Andrea Giancola you can undergo a wide range of specialized treatments, ideal for any type of need. Dr. Giancola, with a long experience in the field, proposes a modern and avant-garde approach, perfect also for the treatment in the smallest patients. In fact, Dr. Giancola specializes in pedodontics for children’s dental care, and performs invisible orthodontic treatments (Invisalign), conservative orthodontics. endodontics, dental bleaching, hyaluronic acid fillers, gnathology and posturology. All the treatments offered are of high quality and the great attention paid to the needs and needs of each individual patient ensures perfect results even in the most difficult and problematic cases.


The implantation technique involves the surgical insertion in the mandibular or maxillary bone, of titanium pins which act as a fixed support for the artificial dental elements.

Conservative Odoiatria

Conservative Dentistry is proposed to restore the single tooth damaged by tooth decay or trauma through fillings, reconstructions or inlays.

Fillings may be performed with different materials depending on the position and condition of the tooth to be treated and the age of the patient.

Dental whitening

A dental bleaching technique currently used in professional dental practices involves the use of hydrogen peroxide, whose whitening potential can act by self-activation or photo-activation by laser or special halogen or plasma lamps, being the light a catalyst element able to benefit the process.


The dental prosthesis provides, by means of hand-made artifacts manufactured in the laboratory, the functional and aesthetic restoration of individual missing dental elements, up to the rehabilitation of completely edentulous jaws.


Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the removal of dental pulp and root deicular sealing. Endodontic treatment, also called root canal, removes the degenerated pulp to prevent the infection from spreading, leading to tooth loss. The pulp can degenerate for several reasons: a deep caries, a mechanical trauma, and also a serious periodontal infection (abscess).

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